Changing Consumer Behaviour

As we all know that the consumer has evolved a lot. They have become smarter. Consumer is not only the end user, they are also an influencer for further sales. Earlier consumer use to just do a check with their knows and simply do the purchase. Now the purchase decision has two layers, 1st is review from... Continue Reading →

Evolving Marketing

Hello Friends !! This blog is just a small knowledge / Experience sharing on marketing. I belive many of you will have a very high experience in marketing and must be aware of all these aspects. I still wish to mention few things i have observed and would like to share. Let me start with... Continue Reading →

Healthy Eating

We all like to stay fit and healthy. To achieve these goals, everyone needs to eat clean and do some exercise. Diet planning is something which we all do but unable to follow for a longer period. Either because of budget constraint or because of lack in focus. Diet planning is purely based on your... Continue Reading →

Striving For Perfection

A wise man has said.. Perfection is lots of little things done well ---- Fernand Point I have heard people saying they strive for perfection. Question that comes in my mind, Is it the correct approach for anything? Everyone in this world keeps on evolving and learning by the time. Anyone who work hard will... Continue Reading →

Everyone Needs A Mentor

Let's start with, Who is a mentor? Mentor is the one who helps you to understand about yourself. He/She will nurture your skill sets to get the best outcome from you as an individual. In any workplace or on any given day you may feel low or pressurised. We always try to find someone who... Continue Reading →

Love For Exercise

It started when I was in 10th standard. I was very skinny and fitting of cloths was always a problem. My mother always used say "where is it going that you eat" "Tu jo khata hai, wo Jata kaha hai"... During my school days, I had seen a lot of bodybuilding videos and action movies,... Continue Reading →

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