Insight Of Healthcare Consumers

Hi All,

While doing a small research on consumers of healthcare, i have found a very interesting report created by McKinsey. Would like to share it with all of you.

McKinsey’s 2017 Consumer Health Insights (CHI) Survey yielded several findings with important implications for health insurers, providers, and other industry stakeholders. Four important themes emerged –

  • Affordability. The affordability of healthcare continues to be one of the most pressing consumer concerns and needs
  • Continuity. Many consumers lack continuity in their healthcare ecosystem (e.g., in care delivery or health insurance)
  • Digital. An increasing number of consumers are using digital healthcare tools, and interest in greater digital engagement continues to rise
  • Engagement. Consumers are willing to engage in solutions to reduce healthcare costs, but most believe that they cannot do so today


click here to read more.

Have a great day ahead!

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