Evolving Marketing

Hello Friends !!

This blog is just a small knowledge / Experience sharing on marketing. I belive many of you will have a very high experience in marketing and must be aware of all these aspects. I still wish to mention few things i have observed and would like to share.

Let me start with a little glipmse on internet growth.

In 1990, internet actually came into a more recognizable form via world wide web, On a lighter note this was the year when i was born. The real and first extreme growth of internet was from 1995 – 2000.

Marketing has evolved a lot because of the rise in internet usage and growth social media. Companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin etc are playing a very big role  in keeping people together on a common platform. People share their thoughts and memories on these platforms.

Marketing as a practice has moved from traditional to digital and because of obvious reason, few are as below:

  • Traditionl marketing is more expensive than digital marketing.
  • Traditional marketing has less ROI (Return On Investment).
  • Digital marketing gives a persona of our customer unlike traditional marketing
  • Digital marketing can be optimized for better results unlike traditional marketing.
  • Digital marketing has better control in execution unlike traditional marketing.

Marketing manager now not only have to take care of marketing but they also required to have product understanding, which helps in offering as per the customer requirements.

Hope this has given a good glimpse on Marketing evolution till now.

Will keep on sharing such thoughts with you all.


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