Striving For Perfection

A wise man has said..

Perfection is lots of little things done well —- Fernand Point

I have heard people saying they strive for perfection. Question that comes in my mind, Is it the correct approach for anything?

Everyone in this world keeps on evolving and learning by the time. Anyone who work hard will always have the fear of not doing any mistake. Nobody in this world would want to make any error in their daily routine. If do a mistake, am i not a human being. we all do mistakes and learn from it.

What really matters is that how soon you get up and learn from your mistakes. My experience of 7 years in private industries has been full of ups and downs. I have worked in different environments and with different bosses. I have been doing so many things to be or to look perfect, few were like –

  • When i was thin, i worked to get bulked so that i look perfect.
  • When i was a student, i studied hard to get the perfect marks.
  • When i work, i do my best to make a perfect tomorrow.

After all these above things, i sometime think whether i am living my life the way it ideally should be. In pursuit of having better tomorrow, am i really enjoying the present and getting the most of it?

Perfection can never be achieved as someone someday will come to make it little more better than what i did. Be what you are and do what you love to do…


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