Love For Exercise

It started when I was in 10th standard.

I was very skinny and fitting of cloths was always a problem. My mother always used say “where is it going that you eat” “Tu jo khata hai, wo Jata kaha hai”…

During my school days, I had seen a lot of bodybuilding videos and action movies, Specially the South Indian ones.

When I started my graduation, that was the point I entered first time in the gym. It was full of people who were doing different different things.

“Few were screaming because of their exercise, light or heavy weight does not matter”. Few were lifting very heavy but no proper range of motion, which I can name as “Ego lifting”.

I have never skipped my exercise, even when I was out for my honeymoon.

My family now understands my passion for the gym and I love doing exercise to reduce my stress level.

If you want to be fit, just walk as much as you can and try to do more physical activities with healthy eating habits.

Its been 11 years since I am doing exercise and I love doing it. You should take out a small part of your day for any exercise that you feel comfortable to do.

Go try it and feel the level of relaxation you will achieve post it. I know everyone is busy but don’t forget that your health will affect you and your loved ones.

Cheers!! For a healthy life…

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